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Families stepping back to Charles Dickens’ time and lighting Christmas candles risk burning the house down and killing themselves, say worried fire brigades.
In a devastating blaze in Essex at 9am yesterday, a lit candle was left unattended in a bedroom for just five minutes and the holder cracked.
The candle fell on to a bed and set light to the sheets in Goodwood Close, Benfleet, leading to a fire which caused thousands of pounds damage and put Julie Delf,, 57, in hospital.
Pic shows a candle

Sitting here in the fire-pool
Swigging a round of Scotch
Swingin’ on this strap of leather
Swingle Sisters gaggle hotchpotch

Splitting firewood in the height of Summer
Sweltering heat! Who can stand this heat?
Snaggle-puss exits stage right
Simply because he can

I need to burn again
Like we did last summer
I need one more night
Or it’ll be a bummer

Burn like a witch or burn like herpes
How can we sleep in a bed full of gerbils
Bellicose virgins dreaming of homespun
Talkin’ like homespun, seeping like history

Fire in Cairo, the fire within
I remember. guess you were 40-something then
The winner of the Millennial Prize
Don’t value that shit for a 10 minute pigpen

Yes, here we are
in this hogwash of memepools,
Words don’t tweet so easily
2 me.