Las Vegas Shooting
VIDEO: Las Vegas (31st Floor)

Em – D – Am – Em x2
G  – D – Am – C
G  – D – Am – Em

And then the music stopped
With a a rat-a-tat-tat
Such an awful sight
Such a terrible spat

I dig country music
As  much as the next guy
Makes a good ole boy dance
Makes a grown man cry

This hotel room
Smells of beer and farts
From the 31st floor
I’m gonna make the charts

From Columbine
Colorado down
Sandy Hook
Down to old Newtown

Where can I get a shrimp cocktail
In this n-horse town
I’m on the 31st floor
OK I’ll come right down

Viva! Las Vegas
Didn’t know I had what i had
Whatever happens in Vegas
Can make a good man bad