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A fantail farted

Yo yo yo it’s like a fantail farted in here
Lighting up the air with his one eyed stare
Lighting up the tree like a goddam Xmas tree
Lighting up the air like a captain of industry

Nothing to see here nothing to be
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort thee
Stay the course, stand your ground as the colossus of rhodes puts up another road block
Chock full of numbskull nuts , saving the best till last
On yer last legs the future is in your past

Teaching and screaming and learning the ropes
A waiter waits idly like a soap on a rope
He will never ever ever be pope
Where there’s hopeless beginnings there may be hope
The final solution is at the end of this rope

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  1. Tracy

    Nice rappin’ you may want to think about writing, or rapping. Take care & God bless!!!!

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