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All My Memories Fade

Zip-ties and neckties, lozenges striven
Strewn on the table amongst the misgiven
Traipsed over bed-wetten clothing and rubble
Keeping it frank, to be fair it’s just drubble

There’s always work but its always a workabout
Something’s in the air tonite, here, let me clear it out
Somethings stinking in the air
I can’t quite describe it but, boy it’s rare!

How is the air out there in outer space
Elon’s musk must be getting excruciating
Just as well we aren’t in Deep Space

Read the Instructions, set it on manual
Major Transition, can you hear me
Ground Patrol to Sergeant Shultz
I hear nothing… nuffink, nuffink

I just follow my nose wherever it leads me
All the way down 5th Avenue
To Broadway and Vaudeville, Carnival Barkers
Follow me from Times Square to some other venue

Uptown, girl. Downtown Abbey
Take me down to the Motorbike City
Water is hot but the water is lead-y
Get yr grits on, breakfast is ready

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