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Animal / Cannibal

Listen now: Animal-Cannibal


monkeybAnimal Cannibal, animal / cannibal!
Animal cannibal, yuuuuge mistake!
Animal Cannibal, animal / cannibal!
Animal cannibal, part man, part gibbon!

thinks he’s human bur he aint
he smells like doggy doo
if you meet him theres a taint
sure sign you’ve met its deja vu

its all over you
animal cannibal
can’t get over you
animal cannibal

you’d eat yourself if you could
you know you would taste so good
gnw a bone you know it will do you good
eat your own like an animal cannibal should

You got four on the floor
and you’te ready to eat
Ready to pounce on your kind
you’re real loose meat


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