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Balloon moon

Balloon moon I’ll be down soon
Maybe sooner than you know it
30 ft flames light the dawns early light
Oh say can you see what the press will call it

A balloon moon, au claire de la lune
A Nice day for a ballon d’essai tune
A nice day to start again
Sister shotgun wearing a sorghum grin

A steely grin is what you need
When u hit the wires ignition is imminent
No time to consult the manual of how-to
Drop like a led balloon, deflated without u

Sink like a line zapped luftballon
The moons a balloon, let me inflate you
Hook line and sinker whats the matter whats up
Sinkin within or without you

Sinkin and swimming
Pedal to the wheel
Steely grin tells em you got the metal
Cinnamon pinwheel donkey-tail spin

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