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Brown as blood, Blood is brown

Demo by the Two Evils

Everyone knows all blood is brown
I seen your face before, around and in town
Ever been beaten to a lick of your life?
Ever not known what to ‘Like’?

If you never have, come join me
Let my rod and my staff comfort thee
Brown is blood, my baby’s blood
The blood she spill’d for me

Tied up in a teatowel , working 9 to 5
nothin better than stayin alive
its a quarter to three, at 7 minutes to midnite
the clock starts ticking down

At precisely 5.15, my baby awakes from her dream
blood is brown after all, it was all just a dream
now where the hell have you been?
Blood is thicker than water, more liquid than steam

blood is colder than ice, even supercooled ice
its just a phase, just a silly thing who would know
time to stop the clock before
it sets itself back to below zero


  1. Kelly Burnette

    Since I’ve shut down my FB, I’ll keep up w/ yer wit and all that crazy moon talk here. Eh?

    Hey Steve. Nice work up there.

  2. Kelly

    Hey Steve….well, we’re trying to work on it; without going into much further mind-numbing explanation presently.

    My email is

    Hope the Eat Skull gig was cool–sure it was.

  3. bcbxcbxc

    Fuck, it’s been crazy here, lots of gigs, work, parties strip bar with Rob (Eat Skull) followed by all night party… COOLIES played with EAT SKULL.
    Shit we even had a tornado blow thru the city yesterday, one guy died.
    Anyway, I shot some EAT SKULL footage here in AK… here’s one song…

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