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Charlie’s Sheen

Who knows what Charlie’s Sheen is made of?
Angels Dust or Devils Tears?
Reptile scales, shedding twice a year
all over the couch, the shedding’s substantial

No no no, its only tiger blood my friend
in a sticky base of Adonis DNA
Smear it on the slide, stick it under the scope
burrowing, tunneling, sleazing like a pope

sticky butter glue sticks like no other glue
it’s what they use to hold atoms together
muons, gluons lets stick together, quarks
two quarks make a Mindy mind, 3 quarks a Mork

You can’t make a monk out of a silky sows ear
But if you put lipstick on it and douse it in pheremones
with a couple of top quarks looping the loop
in a bubble chamber run by the zurich gnomes

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