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Crazy Joe

crazyJoeCrazy Joe he’s here in the morning
He’s hitting out without no warning
Mitigating the circumstances
Pardon me boy I got ants up my Yangtze

Yankee doodle, life is on the fritz
Sweet jesus you don’t know the half of it
Sweet sweet sweet uptown dirt
Tide a painted pony for all you’re worth

Crazy Joe steaming like a slick on the Hudson
Captain Scully treated like Roald Admundsen
Good for the ganders, best for the geese
Got the kinda pony that gets my ants up

Chirpy cheep cheep Solomon Grundy
The line starts here and I’m here until Monday
Nobody crosses the great Rio Grande
On a painted pony sporting colors of  la infante

Rio Grande, El Candido
Subida del río, valle hundido
Rio Grande, El Candido
Rise of the river, sunken valley

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