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Dance to my Green Berets

In the eyes of love, you’re looking through em lets face it
If you got a case to make you gotta make it
True love never runs straightly,
Its ok sometimes but not so much lately

Have you seen my grizled filthy overalls?
I wouldn’t blame you if you had and denied it
They’re fit for the fire and you wouldn’t want to mess with them
I won’t deny it

You can get away with murder
If you keep company with saints
The devil is in the detail
Wherever you lay your MAGA hat I aint

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
i must admit i wasn’t doing the greatest
But soon enough I figured tips were what i needed
and thats some paternalistic shit right there,
some would call it downright sexist and racist

The only card you need is the racist escapde
I guess i knew it all along but i just couldn’t face it

Lets talk about sax baby
Nobody knows the answer
Rusty trombones sometimes don’t cut the mustard
Some steamy night we’ll uncover the answer

Tramps like us, we were born this way
Face it like a coal miner
you’re dead anyway

Don’t worry baby
we’re gonna ace it
any other result is unacceptable, surely
Don’t call me Shirley when you clearly know

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