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Distant Kiwi

Distant Kiwi, can hardly see you
Distant Kiwi – wouldn’t wanna be you
Late at night can hardly see your feathers
Call those wings?  They’re barely tethers!

Why do you only come out at night?
Can you see your reflection in the moonlight?
The grubs and worms you swallow
Find your light-shyness hard to swallow

Distant Kiwi what a big nose you have
– All the better to sniff out frozen ants!
Distant Kiwi you’re a kiwi icon
– Better than a fern or rugby pants!

Distant Kiwi, don’t think you can see me
With your day-blind eyes squinting in the sunlight
Distant Kiwi, can I get you some glasses?
Or will you forever hide in the night?


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