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Fools aint gonna help themselves

Demo by the Two Evils

Tired of wasting my precious time on fools that won’t help themselves
Plenty more fish in the sea to swim with, go back to school and be the class clown
When you change the rules but they don’t change you, thats when you gotta think twice
Fools like us have to answer to no-one, don’t tell me what to do and we’ll get on nice!

Fools that won’t help get left on the shelf, maybe thats just where they wanna be
Because fools that help themselves to it, aint gonna help themselves!

Tramps like us in a stinkin boxcar, fightin to an inch of our lives
A beat up guitar, a skin of wild Wild Turkey, a baseball bat, taser and knives
First rule of boxcars is don’t talk bout boxcars, second rule issame as the first
The third and final rule, keep schtung about boxcars, ixnay on the oxcarbay, gentlemen first!

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