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Gave my love a gift

Gave my love a cubic zirconia
The best one i could find
all the summer love in the world
is blow’d like dust in the wind

Gave my love a knock-off Nike hat
She said it was just fine
Never saw her wearing it
through rose glasses of wine

Gave my love a half-price ticket
To the Mother Goose reunion
At the back of the mosh pit
Could hardly get a word in

Gave my love a perspex onion
its beauty made her cry
Gave her all these things and yet she
sighs, sighs, size

[Middle 8]

This motley pile of offerings
This humble set of gifts
The snifters and the Sorhgum
The rides in Schindler’s Lifts
Why is it not enough
Why can’t it be enough
Maybe life is just too rough
Maybe i’m not tough enough

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