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Gonna get a dog? Lock up yer cats

Get my dog a bone
He’s screamin’ for one
I iknow it’s hard to be a Kennedy
When yer home alone

  • Take your foot off the gas
  • You know you can’t do that
  • When you’re on your own
  • Youre gonna run outta gas

Give the dog a bone
Don’t let him under the gate
This is New Lynn City
He’ll end up bein’ jailbait

  • At the Library
  • There’s good vibes, G
  • But if you ask for the bathroom key
  • Don’t ask don’t tell, yea

This is the city
The city of love
Yer only human,
Just give yer dog a bone

Stick it under the mat
Just like he/she said
Stick it back in the stack
Next week you’ll buy it back

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