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Googlin’ Dali

Hello Dali OK Dali,

Get me Ham on 5
Play me some hiptones on your stromboli
nothins ever cheap
if its wild outside i’ll understand but don’t call me a creep

Born in the gulf pit
More dead than alive
cowboy with warrant out on me
cant learn to ride a bike

Hold the mayo, i’m kinda allergic
my your work is somewhat ascerbic
you and your wooden hand
how could you play in a rock’n’roll band?

Slick beats are made for putting om airs
Radio shows made for putting on air
Don’t tread on me I done nothing to you
But if you tread on me here’s what I’ll do

Ram these boots right down your throat
So you an never breathe…
…Again, I’ll push these hobnail boots
To the Penny Ardcade down in old Lands End

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