Stevie McCabe's Diabolic Blog

2011 Stuff, Ambivalence, Anger, Christchurch, clothing, Collective Consciousness

gurney to the stars

pelican hamstrung within meters of water

gulping at sand like satan’s daughter

hip-strungĀ  on schedule like auckland commuters

everythings snow white just like on computers

stinging nostrils blow out the flagellum

from left and from right side like david mcallum

sapphire and steel who knows it who knows it

theres a a lyre in your pants pocket

who knows who blows it

nobody knows who blows barneys horn

betty you bet she aint plastering corn

dealin with the devil directly

insurrection time is complimentary

clamp ons sealing the mouths of babes

the clipons are nearly past their use by date

tantriffic seminal ushered-in prose

sealed with a kiss in luxury hose

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