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Harden up

either you harden up or you ‘harden up’…
you don’t have to take his shit,
break out do the voodo judo like you used to ,
no-one aint gonna give a shit!

Muscles , like a six pack of elephant beer
biceps like tennis balls tremblin in fear
that the crusher the coughin russian
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Steve McCabe with the seed
for the need of robitussin
will take you on for the whiff of a song
and that song is the plaintive tale of…

Violence, movies, sex on tv
old fashioned values don’t strike a key
harum scarum matter of fact
you can’t do that under the warsaw pact!

shifting scoria in a wheelbarrow now thats
hard as living angels can bear
fillin up a pail with a litre of oil
thats soul-killin, soul-killin yeah yeah yeah!

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