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If this is winning, I want to lose

Come on over to the other side
Time is tight and its time to choose
Winnin’ so much I am tired of winninhg
If this is winning i just wanna lose

Puppet! No Puppet!
You’re the Puppet!
Loser! No Loser!
You are the Loser!
God bless the child that belies she’s a muppet
But glad she’s not the captain on a sea-battle cruiser

Who pulls your string on a Saturday nite?
Who light your cigarette, who pours your wine?
What’s that dangling out of your trousers?
I can’t tell you but I know it’s mine

Puppet! No Puppet!
Everyone loves puppets
You know you’re the puppet,
That’s not #fakenews
Jeannie got her lamp out and rubbed it like  Houdini
Tied herself in knots but that’s yesterday’s news



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