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beautiful swooping big bird weighing down the tree like a flying moa
not extinct but distinct and nearly senile
such it its wont and its plump belly
fired up with rotting flame tree leaves

crapping sterling seeds like they were weeds
all over the twitterverse
its a fiery ring in reverse
killing me softly then quietly
placing me in his private hearse
right next to the horse of Damiem Hirst

flogged to death i’ve never seen such a blue pointer
infested seawater shelling out peas like they were rainwater

copping peas, popping corn in the popping microwave sizzle-pan
you can catch ot as cats can if you can catch as cats can

no need to get catty, pointing out the fiery teaspoon arguments
all the argie bagie has surely become a moot point
fiscal deficit is neither here nor therewhen the postman lays a steaming brownie on your doorstoop
who are you gonna call, Dre, Jay-Z or Snoop?
are you in the Compton loop?

What steaming brownie troupe did you emanate from
high on crack and toting a machine gun
shooting blanks in the alley like a mod exile

thumbing my face with your finger killing me softly with your pesticide
killing me softly but surely with your pestilent petsicide
Oh well all kidding aside you will one day broadly kill us all with your virulent pesticide

Bleeding nastily like a huge weeping sore grumpily making its way to the fore
rotten to the core, seeping white cells like a dead jackdaw
so many people look at all the lonely people with the mustard and mayo right there at the door
pillish brain salad at the left with some salt and pepper, tell me if i’m being a bore

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