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limoncello trip its the fruit of the ages
pre-16 illegal in most states
haven’t got a penny till my laundry is dry
all i got is a dollah festering in my hand
and a dwarf downstairs who brings my mail an thinks that makes him my main man
[which it kinda does, to be fair]

Gettin near four 20, waitin for the boys to get back n
its been three long weeks and i hardly had a single snack
look in the fridge. and i know i shouldn’t have
limoncello smiling at me like a melancholy smarmy maam

I cant believe no one else has their pants on yet
thats one thing i’d never forget
seen it before i don’t want to see it again
if we were in texas we’d never be seen again

temperatures murky, better slurp some limoncello
just a little slurp more, where are you my fellows?
I’m sittin here waiting and minding the car
lest some way out gangster from out west decides to make it a star

rememberin how the sacramento dudes took it all too far
ziggy really took it to the all-end
welcome to fucking nummsville, y’all
this is not americea (well it wasn’t then)

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