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Lou Reed’s Liver

liverLou Reed’s Liver
I got good and bad news
Doctor said to me
I got a new liver for you
But it used to belong to Lou Reed

Ooh what a conundrum
To me it feels so-so humdrum
Diggin deep into my body
Nothin ever gonna be the same
0 -2 5 0
Because I gotta make big decision
Poison or life my wife or a knife
I’m just a sorcerers apprentice
Not a simpering kneeling praying mantis

Middle 8 am/d/g/em (b7)
One day u got to decide whether to
Love her or leave her
Now it’s up to u
Are u a dier or a liver

And you may find that you
Can never leave her
You get the prize you get
Lou reed’s liver
Lou reed’s liver…

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  1. Cyclone Gotluv

    Wow. Only you could put conundrum and humdrum in the same paragraph and make it work…

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