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Love like Ant-Tread

Don’t shit on my watch
It means nothing to you
How would you feel if an ant shat on you?

If you tread on an ant
You got yourself to blame
That ant gave you no trouble
Yet assigned all the blame

I don’t wanna hear about fire nor fury
All I want is a fair trial by jury
Judge executioner, fair means or foul
I’ll have my day in court; hook, line or plough

If I ruled the world ants wouldn’t be downtrodden
Not like Snowden or Jacobe’s Culloden
Sleep like an ant with a cement boot

They were remarkable in ‘Das Boot’

Sleep with an ant you’ll end up with dogs
Sleep with a dog it’ll end up in slaughter
Tread lightly into this gentle dawn
Delta variant what’s that flower you have on?

Is it a Pixie or dandelion
Dandelions don’t pay the bills, I aint lyin’
Sleepin’ with fire you’re bound to get burned
Matchmaker bring me some butter to churn

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