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McDonald’s Parque

*Someone* left my guitar case out in the rain
It wasn’t doin nothing just sitting there, alone
Someone put my gat case in the trash
Hurtful as a heart attack, and i know about that

Why would someone bring me such hurt
Throwing out my guitar case its totally absurd
Totally had it in for me from day one
I always knew she was not the one

I never meant to make you cry
Does anyone remember laughter?
I dunno why
If you can’t trust someone to stop from hurting you
There’s nothing valid, nothing worth review

its all a joke to you
its only cardboard
you’re only human
you’re only cardboard

You hurt me deeply, callous as fuck
Never gave a shit about me
But hey what the fuck
Drinking with reptiles you’re bound to get fooled
Living with strangers breaks all the rules

Someone left my gat case in the rain
Says it was rotten, it wasn’t last time
Mean as the moon, mean as the sun
You have enough mean for everyone

Bring me my shirt so I can dry my tears
Sop up my pride, wring it out in a puddle
Catch out the punters who said that I couldn’t
Sober up like a gimball cunard

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