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(for Celia RIP 6 Sep 2017)

A – G – D – A  [G/C]
A – Bm – G/D -A [G/D]
Bm – Bm – Bm – Bm
G – G – A – A

D – A – Bm – Bm
G – G  – E – E  – E – E

Starting from a place unknown
She touched down here and  she called it a home
Flyin’ mighty close to the sun
Showin’ the way, right on right on

Even when she didn’t have a good foot to dance on
She would never be afraid to take a
chance on – chance on – chance on… being right
She’s a meteorite (flyin mighty close to the sun -mm-mm)

In and out of orbits she run
Time and space call the universe home
Flyin’ mighty close to the sun
One day even angel wings burn, shine on shine on

[rocketship / sputnik sounds]

Meteorite (She’s a meteorite)
Flew mighty close to the sun
Meteorite (bang bang shoot shite)
Heading for the heart of the sun

Meteorite (She’s a meteorite)
Flyin right into to the sun
Meteorite (smoke pot smoke pot everybody smokes shite)
Now she’s in the heart of the sun

backing vox stuff:

punch like lightning,  lips like thunder
sometimes wonder how i keep from going under
rules, rules, rules are for fools
stick ’em in yer bucket with the rest of your tools

put em in yer bucket, put it on yer head
Freddies dead, yeah right said Fred





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