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Pike River 29

A score and nine went down that mine
A fair days work for a fair days pay
Into the breach not for queen and country
Just a breadwinning packet of pay

Out from the hills came the 29
Whenst the clarion said thy should resign
Oh trust inye my brorhers in atms
and sisters seething with you demand the mainline

Its Saturday morning shake your boots and wig
Its still populist bigotsday and no-one gives  a flying fig
If you’ll sign here, madam, you got the power to launch nukes
give me not some other git at the e  another git  at the end of the day

er i need to rebuke

At 3:44  the first alarms sounded
We weren’t worried we’re all good men
The union’ll take care of any danger
We’ll be back down this pit again


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