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Pretty Eyes

I just want to drink in yr pretty eyes
Lick the pupil and taste the iris
Don’t want to deaden yr pretty eyes
But if they’re dead already, o, Osiris

Now Billy-Ray and Miley had a real thing
But she found out ’bout Billy and Hannah
You come here again without exact change
I’ll kick your ass to Indiana

All across the state line
City limits too
Fighting back tears like a soldier of love
All the while questioning who is who

Fire and ice in your pretty eyes
Tell me where the passion burns
Freezer burns from yr pretty pretty eyes
The table has turned, the butter has turned

Rancid as a rampant Rumpole of the Bailey
Robust in every way but one
Smiley-house gizzards make a lot of sense
When you’re piling the blows on a chum


  1. kawowski

    Hey, they’re the pretty eyes of all the women I love!!!

  2. Comment by post author

    everyone except the grinch and the tuatara!

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