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Quakers Class of 2011

Who would have thought
A February day
Warm by all counts
As is the norm, warm

Precarious stacked plates
Slip and slide
And once they get going
Everyone gets a free ride

What would you give
Not to live
Thru this once in a lifetime event
again in your life?

The next one-in-one-hundred year event
May be sooner than predicted
The moon of Ken rings the earth
OnĀ  a big night out, trying to pull

If the moon were just to stay still
We could harvestĀ  the best oysters
Swallow them by the pale blue moonlight
And send it on its way

Feels like after all that
I could king-punch the King Tide
As if it were a Neap-Tide
Or a piddling paddling-size surf froth

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