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Rock The Hudson

birdsworthRock the Hudson like you’re “Sully” Sullenberger
I got the meat patty, wheres the rest of my burger?
Squeeze my buns, they’re not made out of plastic
Better give my 9 more feet of that underwear elastic

I’m rockin the Hudson like theres no tomorrow
Little Orphan Annie swept through the hollow
She’s going away for a long stretch, it’ll be no bally holiday
Slammed up with the big girls, this aint Wentworth, its Holloway

You’re not in Wentworth anymore, you may think you’re Bea
You aint even on the Bea list, you’re barely Birdsworth
You got a lot of nerve to keep me waiting on the Hudson
Its been so longĀ  its like waiting at the bus stop to pick up my cousin

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