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Shoot the rooster

sometimes yo gotta shoot the rooster
bakin’s too good for him, he’s gotta fry
not everyone can be the cock ‘o’  the walk
some are happy just to not be a dork

dorks are for playin with but only with permission
the only dork worth playin with is sanctioned from heaven
my dorks not for playin with at least not by you
shoot yer fuckin cock off if yo ever try that move!

Shoot the rooster! Top the cock!
ruler of the roost see how you do with no cock
hens do your laying, its a hell of a roost
Lord Jimmy Jimmy’s yakkin like Marcel H. Proust

yadda yadda yadda living for today
scooby dooby doo where the fuck are you
scaring me to death with yr midget fonzie rap
yeah thats right, scaring me to death with yr midget fonzie rap

eat my shorts shorty, drainin the blood from that rooster
the buzzards circlin like a rabbi at his first bris
twistin the knife at a rate of angles
before introducing a set by the Bangles!

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