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sleep walk cougar

to be sure to be sure

Sleepwalk cougar got whole lotta love
Between the sheets between the lines
Over the hills and beyond the pale
On the buses with jimmy the Nail

Louie the Fly got nothing on Gore Vidal
He may have been there at the time
as a fly on the wall but only time will tell
Pictures of Lily lined his velvet burial cloth

So tired, tired of this goddamned world
Its obscene
If i could make it outta here another way, am easier way
i would have done it by now
but i’m lucky enough to have friends
and blessed enough to have family

Admonish the eagle whose wings spread in your pants
Cant blame the reaper
when its reaping days have gone askance

Cut and dried hail mary
to easy to be crucified
too young to suffocate
I’m here now, just you try
All along the Watchtower of Illusion
Somebody gimme a high five or at least a fist bump of belief

i got a nine inch nail. swapped it for 3 3-inchers
thats more my style

threw up on Miami beach BOAC
thats how they pronounce it when you get off the plane
21 Jump Street springs to the brain

Fizzled in the membrane
Addled more than Adam Sandler ever was
Fittingly his ants are training to march at his funeral
Same as it ever was

Don’t tread on me leastwith your pimpled nose
the least of us are where we are at now
not by tuition but by sheer gall and
burnishing our pure frustration

we are the world
we are the mods, we are the rockers
we are the punks, the rastas the swing kids and all of the others

We are the goon squad and we’re coming to your next town
Don’t make a farce of it
Don’t bring me down

The world is a farce of course
How could you ever hope to make whit nor will of it?
i can see your steely eyed stifled grin
As you cry knowing how right i am and the distance is staggering

the world is a farce. indeed it is.
we live in the farce, it is what it is
Tomorrow is another day
Thursday’s likely slightly better

TBH any day i don’t get barked at orders
is a blessing

Nothing personal. its outta site
If you wanna make something of it

go ahead, step inside.

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