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Some people do ‘ave em

1000+ Silhouette Stock Images, Photos & Vectors | ShutterstockSome people drip in vitriol
Some people just don’t care
Some do, some don’t, some might some day,
too many just don’t know what they want

Fall safe on your humanity
Don’t let the mannity steal you on the beaches
Gimme if you want to, don’t gimme if u don’t
Don’t give a damn its no big deal if you don’t wanna

Please release me, i’ll get by on my own
No-one needs nothin’ we’re all here on our own
Everyone’s god of our own hellfire
Might as wee face it you’re addicted to mire

Its in your face its humanity
You see it in the face of every man u see
As someone else would say, and i wish it were me
We’re anti-the effects of reality

Some people drip in vitriol
Some people cry in eternity



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