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Why don’t we sing a song for Christchurch

Cathedral Square, Christchurch, 22-2-11

Cathedral, Christchurch NZ, 22-2-11

Why don’t we sing a song for Christchurch
every day in every way its the worst drama around
silt hangs in the breeze at the slightest whimper
theres no plan and the walls tumble down

tumbleweeds blowin thru cathedral square
its the city’s worst nightmare it never knew it had
people moved from wellington not for this
demolition jobs for all its a boon boon boon

its election year, even herod didn’t can the census
rendered unto caesar my favourite salad
buildings fall around in the shape of a pincer
sharp as a pencil, blunt as a brick, heavy as a rock

bob parkers parka is up for auction
where is the wizard when you need him
jason gunn and thingee would be more use
if we could only get them off the jesus juice

radio-man and bird-man, where have you gone
your city needs you more than the chalice
i guess the Gallery’s muntered
Rutherford’s Den looks like an A-bomb hit it

Trees are coming down in Hagley Park
no-one saw that coming
who could know more than those who make up
the national anthem or do it humming.

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