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Stick man (Zarakov/McCabe)

stick man, sick man, think you’re slick
you’re a one trick pony man, all you got’s a guitar pick
pickin & grinning won’t pay your rent
head for the hills son & pitch your tent

stick man, can you pitch it, can you dig me a hole
matchmaker dig me a 4 foot deep hole
lady luck’s smiling like a cheshire cat’s soul
lady muck-raking tent-pitchin’ pick-grinning soul!

stick man can you bear it?
pat that cat, don’t scare it
grinning – can you bear it?
live right by your merit

pitchin’ a tent but i can’t get it up
used to be natural like fondlin’ a pup
bangin’ in pegs, somebody showed me the ropes
pitchin’ a tent for you, rope-a-dope

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