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Stickerless child

Bible: Word of God or Just a Storybook? - United Methodist Insight

neutrons stickin to the ribs
so thin a pen can’t get inside
wouldn’t wanna look like him
on the green side
he’s lucky to be alive

true tried trident

I aint no rodent
i’d feel bad if i’d made it too south too soon
stormy weather comin our way
am i the beacon or am i your umbrella
i aint no stool pigeon
laid out on a wreath-lawn hung out to dry

what does Marcellus Wallace look like?
Ezekiel says no such sin exists
As far as i know there aint no sin been added to the bible memoranda
best get the alert out to the gideons, and all their minions
its a great big deal to do it

But if Moses said such and Ezekial nods

“Its all hedgerow over heartbeat, here
all pulses are sweating,
please mister please,
i won’t ever forget it”
ok boy you know where the ‘good’ condoms are
(on the right pouch of my bag, with my watch and my wallet)

hey wait a minute… these aint my pants!
the sticker inside says Lambert Van Gantz
my archetype evil evangalotype
hit me with an unconventional rubber pipe

if he’d asked me to the convention
i’d have brought my own, more flexible type
“reverend these pants have some devilish disease!”
“all of us are sinners, sometimes we do as we please”

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