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Take the old bill,
take it down the road,
ride it till it needs new shoes

a horse is a horse of course,
it don’t need no platform shoes
Pardon me boy is this your horse,
does it need new shoes?

Hey son how much do you
dig these rhythm ‘n’ blues?

I don’t ask you if your goldfish needs a new bowl do i?
When last did I ask you that?
Cheek of it even bringin up do ask if your cat needs a new collar?
If i asked your bird does it need a new cage, wouldn’t you be enraged?

Isn’t the prison cell i gave you good enough for you?
Would you rather not be in that straitjacket?
If the straitjacket don’t fit you must acquit
They come in all sizes you know

The only ones who don’t fit in them
Are the ones that we don’t know
We only know them by the dint of their deeds
Sincerely translated into these screeds

Change the music Mister Sandman
I’m not ready to go
Workouts are for the feeble, try shovelling
Muscle-driven snow

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