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Teach a Fish to Walk

Outline of a christian fish symbol Stock Vector Image & Art - Alamy

Teach a man to fish, he’ll stink the house out
Teach a man to fight, he’ll knock your block off
Teach a man to look, remove the scales from his eyes
If you hadn’t taught him to fish, those scales wouldn’t be there, I surmise

You can take a rod and hook
Bait it up like a civilised caveman
You can lead a fish out of water
But its not like a freakin’ rave, man

Who can chase the tracer line
Back down to Maui’s canoe
Some swallow it all, hook line and sinker
Some go to the point of BOOGALOO

Show me the way to Boogaloo
Parsley, Sage. Rosemary, Thyme
Remember me round Halloween season
Don’t forget me at Christmas Time

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