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Tweet away your freedom

Tweet away your freedom

Keep on tweeting#E D A E#

Tweet away your freedom
Tweet away all your pissant friends
We’re gonna make it
You can tweet that out to the world til it ends!

#A E A B#

  • Twitter feed! Bird seed!
  • Littering the ground like a hail of breadcrumbs
  • Spilling out like the halo of Xerces
  • All over the ground, a-rum-pa-pum-pum!

Spurt away, tweets are cheap
Life is just a tweet away
Take whiff of the incoming evil
Suck it down like a fresh bale of hay

==Middle 8==
#C Am C A#

  • Cheap cheap cheap cheap
  • Uptown spurt
  • No time the right time
  • For Ernie and Bert
  • Take out the plugline
  • What is life worth?
  • A hill of beans
  • As wide as my girth

Tweet away your freedom (cheep cheep cheap)
Tweet it; whatever you say
It don’t matter if its hot funky
It don’t matter; day or nite

Free bird, yeah free bird
Free Nelson Mandela with each bottle of curd
Tweet it, tweet it
No-one wants to be defeatist

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