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Vaccine in my arm

Vaccine in my arms
Lipstick on a pig
Raining on a Wednesday
Sticky like a fig

Elephant in the room
Stifled by a mere mouse
Its peanuts to him;
According to Lawrence Krauss

Charlie Brown and Lucy, and Sunset Sam
Ended up at Princeton, football in her hand
Standing on the corner with her penalty flag
Kinda looks ridiculous, what a dag

What a dag , what a dag, what a da-a-a-a-ag!

Its so hot in this hellhole
I can barely breathe
Farmhouse cowboy sleepout
One day someone will twig

Stinky like a Pailin Pig
On the skewer with some pineapple cubes
Interspersed with capsicum slices
Pardon me boy, have you seen my new shoes?

I’d like to wear them before Labor Day
I’nt it ironic? what the hey
Playing with matches a girl could get hot
No matter if you like her or not

Mississippee Bustout, breaks the law
Loves him she loves him but just for a short time
Tossed like a salad. thrown from side to side
may as well be in a bottle, like Alladin

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