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Walkin’ to the grave

Walked in under my skin
Like you would walk into my grave
Its a total eclipse of the skin to me
How anyone could be that brave
– If I was you i’d keep it down
– Jesus always saves

So many times I reached out
So many times I was so naiieve
So many times i sweated it out
To be confirmed I should have leaved
– They weren’t clouds in my coffee
– They were sugarlump clumps of tea leaves

Jiminy Cricket cried
Nobody does it better
Jiminy says hearts beat fast enough
Crickets from the critics; who knows better
– Too many teardrops for one heart
– To be cyin’
– 96 tears per minute
– On a regular basis that means you’re dying

If only I had the earth to give
I’d think what I’d do with it
I’d certainly put a hold on my bank. and
Make sure I kept hold of it

Whats happenin’ with my money, my 401k
I want my pension PDQ
You got yours, I won’t get it
You’ll still get yours, don’t you forget it

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